Water Pressure Regulator
Pressure Reducing Valve
Installation & Replacement

Water Pressure Regulator
Pressure Reducing Valve
Installation & Replacement

Household Water Pressure Regulators

What is the function of a water pressure regulator?

A household water pressure regulator reduces the water pressure from the public water main to a pressure that is usable by the customer and compatible with normal household plumbing and fixtures. It also prevents pressure surges from entering the household plumbing from the public main. High water pressure can result in dripping faucets and water pipes, and it can damage appliances.

 How does a pressure regulator work?

A pressure regulator is a spring-loaded valve that regulates pressure on the downstream (house) side of the valve. Altering the degree of spring compression changes the downstream pressure.

Your pressure regulator is a vital piece of equipment for your home. Make sure it’s working properly is a must!

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